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The underlying concept of Cafe Kandahar, the motto which drives each decision made in the restaurant, the motif woven into the fabric of each dish is "thoughtfully constructed cuisine." Each menu item is designed keeping in mind both the seasonality and locality of ingredients. We believe in working with area farmers to provide our guests with the finest goods harvested in their peak of freshness. We employ creative techniques and apply attention to detail throughout the entire process. No dish is complete without careful consideration of flavors, textures, and appearances of each component, as well as the effect each has on the other. Part of our menu changes each evening so that we can take advantage of these seasonal goods as they become available. One component of the nightly offerings is the Chef's Tasting Menu, written using the freshest ingredients on hand and combining them to create tantalizing flavors. The Chef's Tasting consists of five small plates carefully paired with wines, each course flowing into the other with seamless perfection to provide the quintessential dining experience.

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